Device for neural networks

This is a revolution in computer equipment created specifically for artificial intelligence
To any person, to any office, to any house or apartment, to a smart transport system or car parking, even to build a Safe City

Now you can replace a huge powerful computer and expensive nVidia cards with a small cheap box
But the power and the possibilities will be the same plus more

Price <10 times    Energy <20 times    Settings <30 times    Service <40 times   Reliability >50 times 

NO wet     NO dust     NO noise     NO cooling     NO heating     NO maintenance     NO conspicuousness 

A HEAD for YOUR intelligence and feelings:
a reliable housing for brain, high-performance chips for neural networks - AI-brains, 8 IP-cameras - vision, microphones - ears, loudspeakers - mouth, 4 sensors - touch, 4 actuators - teeth, the hardware decoders-encoders H.264/265 - muscles, - gigabit network card - legs, custom logic, internal memory...

The videoblazer is needed and affordable for everyone!

We bet you $100 that we can find a many cool places in your life where you can use a videoblazer to make your life better!

The hardware is always the same - you simply change the firmware to suit your task. Moreover, the number of times you can change your wishes is not limited.

The Videoblazer provides the same functionality as a powerful PC with three expensive nVidia cards. And it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. The reliability of such a device is 50 times higher than that of a Windows-based computer. 

Outdoor:   -40  +40 

A small-sized case Waterproof, all connections to the periphery are sealed.

There are no air ducts for ventilation, so roadside dust is not a problem, which usually completely clogs all road electronics. There are no rubbing elements, so there is nothing to maintain. There is no need to endlessly change fans.

Well, everything is also silent - difficult to find. Today, when computers and video recorders are everywhere also taken away by thieves along with property, invisibility is a very useful factor. 

Videoblazer for various purposes can be combined into a common ECO-management system for an enterprise or a Safe city. A large number of such devices work as one. 

At the same time, it is not necessary to maintain server rooms for a huge number of computers, air conditioners for them, maintenance personnel. No difficulties, just connect to Net.